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CP Glass uses 3D Printing as innovative bottle production support

The R&D department is now being supported by the VSHAPER 270 Double 3D Printer.

CP Glass S. A., is a subsidiary of CAN-PACK S.A. and a part of Can-Pack Capital Group,  is one of the most important packaging manufacturer in Europe. Together with its subsidiaries it  offers a wide assortment of the highest quality glass packagings used in the beer and spirits industries, the company bases its R&D activities on cooperation with domestic and foreign research centers.
Recently, the Research and Development Department started being supported by the VSHAPER 270 Double 3D Printer.

CP Glass S.A. holds its strong position in the market thanks to its high quality products, state-of-the-art technology of production and involvement and high qualifications of their employees. The company also strengthens its position through investments in Europe and Asia.
“In order to meet the expectations of our customers we offer a wide range of solutions for customizing bottle designs, including shape, color, closure type, positioning, engraving and a number of other solutions to distinguish our customers’ products on the market.” says Krzysztof Staniek, the CEO of CP Glass S.A.

The company opened a design office in Orzesz, Poland, to offer complete services in designing glass containers, including the preparation of technical documentation, preparation of technical moulds design and creation of product visualization, including filled container visualization. Before the production begins the R&D Department, in cooperation with the Sales Department, develops new packaging designs, and to streamline the plastic modelling process, the company uses 3D Printing technology and decided to choose the solutions offered by the VSHAPER 3D Printers manufacturer.

“When analysing the solutions available on the market, we were looking for those demonstrating the best value for money. The cooperation with the producer from day one of the selection stage was also an important factor. The VSHAPER printers manufacturer was very professional in creating test models, incorporating our suggestions and providing solid technical support. No other manufacturer made such a positive impression on us.” says Paweł Skop from the CP Glass S.A. R&D Department.

“3D Printing allows us to quickly model new bottle shapes while maintaining a high quality. Working with the VSHAPER team, we have were able to produce prints with distinctive transparency in white, green and brown. Printed models also undergo resin processing. The designs we have prepared this way are presented to our customers, and most importantly, the process of their preparation is much cheaper than the traditional modelling method.” explains Paweł Skop.

The VSHAPER 270 Double is also used in the production of unusual spare parts, especially when they are no longer available, the cost of purchasing is too high, or the lead time for parts used on the production line is too long.
CP Glass S.A. through its New Investment and R&D Department researches optimization of glass containers production processes. The R&D team deals with the process of refining glass packagings to improve their technological parameters and their visual container reception.
CP Glass S.A. has implemented an innovative hot end processing method, with application of hot nanoparticles of aluminium compounds, that can be used as a replacement for the traditional methods and that enables the company to increase the mechanical strength of glass containers, the impact strength, the internal pressure as well as axial compressive strength. Furthermore, this new processing method improves the containers’ hydrolytic class.
3D Printing technology, currently used in the design and manufacture of spare parts, will be used in other R&D projects, including production of test bottles with a lower glass weight to test their load resistance during filling.

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