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Coppar and Keraglass, a winning combination

The Pesaro-based company invests in quality tempering with the Vision 700 Convection

Coppar, a company owned by the Baldelli family, has been dealing with sheet glass processing for the lighting, furniture and construction sectors in Vallefoglia, Pesaro, Italy, for over 40 years. The firm specialises in processing flat and curved glass and embodies tradition and innovation with the hallmarks of quality and Italian manufacturing excellence.

It is these shared values that formed the basis for Coppar’s partnership with Keraglass, a world leader in the sector of plant engineering for glass processing, specifically automation, lamination, decoration and tempering.

This last range includes the Vision 700 Convection, recently purchased by Coppar, a further investment that strongly reaffirms the product quality of the Pesaro-based company.

“We decided to invest in a new glass tempering system,” said Alessandro Baldelli. “By putting our trust in Keraglass, we are certain of enhancing our potential, increasing our production capacity and the quality of the end product, while at the same time decreasing energy consumption. The choice of which furnace to purchase fell on the Vision 700 Convection model, because it perfectly embodies parameters that are essential for us: durability, reliability and energy saving.”

It is a decision that was carefully considered and based on first-hand observation. “Exactly,” said Baldelli. “Before going ahead with the purchase, we visited a number of major Italian companies where Keraglass tempering systems are already in operation. We also went to their showroom in Baiso, Reggio Emilia, where we were able to closely observe the quality of the materials used, the advanced technology and above all the helpfulness, expertise and technical experience of the staff who work there.”

The Vision 700 Convection is equipped with an independent hot air convection system for tempering all types of latest generation LOW-E glass up to an emissivity of E=0.01.

Furthermore, thanks to the high thermal insulation index of the materials and the “Supervision Intelligent” control system as standard, it guarantees high levels of energy saving. “All these are characteristics,” concluded Baldelli, “that will enable us to register and certify our products while also monitoring quality, consumption and production costs.”

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