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Colombia Minerales Industriales will be at Colombia Glass 2017

The company will have a home field advantage for the event taking place in Bogota, Colombia

Colombia Minerales Industriales S. A. (Comind S. A.) is a subsidiary of the Minerali Industriali Group, which focused on two main activities: extraction, treatment and sale of raw materials for the glass industry, ceramics (floor-sanitary), paint, enamels and the design, construction and commissioning of mining machines and “hand work” equipment.
Minerali Industriali’s presence in the world is represented by 14 production plants in Italy, 4 in Europe, 4 in North Africa and 5 in Central and South America.
Comind’s activity consists of the extraction, treatment and commercialization of silica sands, obtained from the mine located less than 800 meters from the treatment plant.
Comind is able to supply high quality silica sand with very low iron content for all types of production: glass, ceramic industries, sanitary and this silica sand is also available for producing sodium silicate, paint, refractory materials and filters for water purification. Comind’s production includes a kaolinite clay used in the production of ceramics (tiles, sanitaryware and bricks).
The Comind plant is strategically located as it is very close to their customers (30-70 kilometres), located mainly in the region of Bogota.
With Colombia Glass 2017 taking place in the Sheraton Bogota hotel (Calle 25 B Nº 69 C-80 – Bogota – Colombia) Comind has a home field advantage for the event that will be held October 24 and 25 in Bogotá.

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