Falorni Tech Glass Melting Technology

CMS SpA: the finest quality of grinding

Grinding with Belleville washers makes the edges shiny and completely defect free.

If the purpose of glass is to be lightweight and unobserved so as not to steal the show from the goods on display, then it is must be ground to perfection.

CMS Glass Technology meets this requirement with a series of 4 and 5-axis machines that guarantee top quality grinding even on curvilinear courses.
Thanks to the use of angular drives, the CMS speed models allow you to shine and chamfer glass more than 30mm thick.
When thickness becomes even more significant, the CMS maxima model can shine thicknesses of up to 100mm, due to the use of 5° axis.


  • Its manufacture imprint is 13% lower compared to that of competitors
  • With 30 kW of power it can shine glass up to 100mm with unrivalled quality
  • Variable dimension bevelling along the profile

Technical specifications

Maximum dimensions 10,000 x 3,300

30 kW Spindle, 12,000 rpm

Automatic re-qualification of the plate position

Automatic tool brightening

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