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China Glass 2018 post-show report

China Glass 2018 exhibition area reached 80,500m2


China Glass 2018 attracted 33,515 visitors from 72 countries during the four days of the event, including 28,971 domestic visitors and 4544 international visitors, as well as 865 manufacturers, including 612 Chinese companies and 253 international enterprises.

The 29th China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition (China Glass 2018), organized by Chinese Ceramic Society and contracted by Beijing Zhonggui Exhibition Co., Ltd., was brought to a successful conclusion on 22 April. China Glass 2018 attracted 33,515 visitors from 72 countries during the four-day event, including 28,971 domestic visitors and 4544 international visitors, accounting for 86% and 14% of all exhibitors respectively. There were several visitor groups from foreign countries to attend this event, including South Korean, India, Vietnam and Japan.
As the most influential global glass industrial event in 2018, China Glass 2018’s exhibition area reached 80,500m2. There were 865 manufacturers at this grand event, including 612 Chinese companies and 253 foreign enterprises. Dozens of companies from 11 countries along the “One Belt and One Road” made their stage pose at China Glass 2018, including Israel, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore etc. There were 24 overseas companies including Carl Zeiss, Schneider and TÜV Rheinland to attend China Glass for first time, which fully showcases the confidence of western company in China’s glass industry and the international influence of China Glass. A number of international government departments and related industrial associations, including BMWI, VDMA, ICE Italy and GIMAV-VITRUM, organized more than 80 companies to compete each other on the display stage of China Glass in the form of Germany pavilion, Italy pavilion and the United States pavilion.
China Glass 2018 encompassed mainstream manufacturers of global glass industry in its 7 exhibition halls. Many global leading brands, three state pavilions (including Italy, Germany and the United States) and domestically large equipment suppliers were distributed in the hall E1, hall E2 and hall E3. Hall E4, E5 and E6 was occupied by glass process manufacturer and a large number of small and medium enterprises which specialized at abrasive tools, grinding materials, decorative glass, accessories and glass hardwares were allocated to hall E7. The exhibitors include not only international famous multinational corporations, domestic production and processing equipment manufacturers, but also a large number of newly emerging companies appeared in China Glass 2018 by showcasing its technical strength and manufacturing and processing level.
Many distinguished guests at home and abroad were present at the event, including Mr. Qiao Longde, President of China Building Materials Federation, Mr. Xu Yongmo, President of Chinese Ceramic Society, Mr. Zhang Renwei, Honorary President of Chinese Ceramic Society, Mr. Chen Guoqing, President of China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association, Mr. Peng Shou, Chairman of China Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd., Mr. Jin Zhanping, Deputy President and Secretary-General of Chinese Ceramic Society, and leaders of related organizations from Italy, German, USA, etc.
This glass exhibition covers the entire spectrum of the glass industry, including various glass products and application, production lines and machines for flat glass, processing technology and machinery for glass, diversified domestic glassware, glass container and their manufacturing machinery. Especially, new technology and new products related to Intelligent Manufacturing, Low Energy Consumption, and New Glass will be eye-catching points for the public. A number of leading brands from home and abroad have launched its newly production for first time during the exhibition period, including CNBM (Neijiang) Glass’ Photoelectric Glass Curtain Wall, LiSec’s Insulating Glass Production Line and Bystronic’s B’CHAMP WS system which used for automotive glass and ultra-thin glass processing.
As the most significant exhibition in the global glass community in 2018, China Glass 2018 has always focused on following the tide to meet the hot demands and paying attention to the trend of the industry. A dozens of technical seminars and product promotion meeting were held during the four days exhibition. The topics covered heat resistant separation materials, infrared high radiation energy-saving coatings, cloud intelligent manufacturing and industrial robot for glass production, energy saving technology for glass furnaces, new materials and coating application and new products for glass printing field.
As one of the two dominant exhibition and the most influential glass industrial technology communication platform for global glass industry, China Glass continues to respond to the policy of reducing excessive production capacity and promoting structural reform of the supply side, supporting technical exchanges of the glass community, and helping domestic and foreign manufacturers to expand markets and promote international economic trade, and will always bring a best platform of brand presence, technical exchanges and business talks for global glass community.
The next edition of China Glass will take place in Beijing, at the China International Exhibition Center 22-25 May 2019.


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