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CertainTeed acoustical fiberglass ceiling panels with new, sustainable binder

CertainTeed Ceilings Ecophon® acoustical fiberglass ceiling panels have increased sustainability with the addition of 3RD Technology, a revolutionary fiberglass manufacturing method that combines a high-recycled content with a renewable plant-based binding agent.

CertainTeed Ceilings is boosting the sustainability of its Ecophon® acoustical fiberglass ceiling panels with the addition of 3RD Technology, a revolutionary fiberglass manufacturing method that combines a high-recycled content with a renewable plant-based binding agent.
The new binder significantly reduces the environmental impact of the Ecophon product line, having the equivalent effect of removing more than 800 vehicles from roads. With a long-standing formulation that includes 70% post-consumer recycled content, the panels are manufactured in facilities that derive a large percentage of their electricity from alternative energy sources and strive to reduce waste in packaging and transport.
Ecophon panels with 3RD Technology have been tested for volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and found compliant to the current California Department of Public Health Standard Method Version 1.1, 2010 enabling these products to contribute to a healthier indoor environment while continuing to provide the excellent sound absorption and world-class quality expected from an Ecophon acoustic panel.
“The introduction of 3RD Technology marks a major milestone in our efforts to bring truly innovative acoustical solutions to the marketplace,” said Dawn Chittick, director of marketing for CertainTeed Ceilings. “The sustainability and indoor air quality benefits of 3RD Technology make Ecophon a natural solution for NICUs, patient rooms, schools, or anywhere where high sound absorption and low VOC emissions are of key importance.”
Ecophon products featuring 3RD Technology have the same excellent performance benefits of standard Ecophon ceiling panels, offering Class A sound absorption with an NRC of .90 and CAC of 23. Ecophon ceilings have a Class A Flame Spread Rating, are easy to demount, and feature the exclusive Akutex FT finish for exceptional light reflectance, cleanability and durability.
As experts in the science of sound, CertainTeed Ceilings serves as a single source for high-quality ceilings that create acoustically friendly, aesthetically captivating environments. Encompassing the Performa, Ecophon and Gyptone brands along with Decoustics – a leader in high-precision, custom-engineered solutions – the company offers the perfect balance of innovation, budget and beauty with products that range from basic high-performance panels to premium, customizable systems. Through its emphasis on Environmental Acoustics™, CertainTeed Ceilings provides solutions that promote healthier interiors, while having a smaller impact on the environment, which includes ceiling products with one of the highest concentrations of recycled content in the industry as well as a recycling programme for used ceiling panels. The company is the first ceilings manufacturer to issue Environmental Product Declarations through UL Environment and The Green Standard.

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