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Celsian’s enhanced GTM-X Simulation Software

In the fast-paced world of glass production, precision and efficiency are crucial. CelSian‘s GTM-X simulation software is a game-changer, enhancing furnace operations with its advanced capabilities.

What is GTM-X
Powered by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), GTM-X allows precise simulations of glass furnaces, predicting crucial factors impacting production yield and quality.
It can be used for design purposes and solving production quality issues, offering unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. GTM-X calculates the batch blanket behaviour and the redox chemistry, combined with bubble predictions.

The software helps address current industry requirements such as low energy use, good quality products, low emissions, and longer furnace life.

What’s new
The recent GTM-X update further improves the modelling capabilities.

With this new release, the release of batch reaction gases from the batch blanket into the combustion space can be modelled in more detail. This will provide more information on the details of the flow and temperature fields in the combustion space above the batch blanket, as well as the local composition of the flue gas. Furthermore, setting up a cold-top furnace model is now more intuitive, resulting in shorter times to set up such a model. Finally, based on users’ feedback, several improvements have been implemented to help users set up, run and analyse a model.

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