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BUCHER EMHART GLASS: Container marking traceability

Bucher Emhart Glass secures major order from CP Glass, Poland, for seven ID Mark units. This laser marking unit inscribes a unique code allowing to track each glass container through its lifetime with 150 units already installed worldwide.

ID Mark addresses a long-standing problem in glass-container manufacturing: traceability. Because production lines are so long, and wares take a great deal of time to make the journey along them, matching up inspection data from the Cold End with forming data from the Hot End is a major challenge.
Emhart’s ID Mark solves this by using a CO2 laser to inscribe a unique ID code on each container shortly after forming. The marking process is carried out on the conveyor or cross-conveyor at high speed, allowing for mass beer container production and even for tandem machines. The position and angle of the laser can be easily adjusted to compensate for container shape and conveyor position. Job changes where the same code is used take less than a minute.

As the marked container makes its way along the production line, every measurement taken can be associated with its unique code, allowing the operator to view the ‘life story’ of any container at a glance. As more data is gathered, manufacturers can gain deep insights into their production, allowing for process and quality improvements.
The code can be read automatically – for example, by Emhart’s own ID Read technology. This also offers the possibility to store all the inspection results to the individual bottle ID. ID Mark can also help brand owners to guard against counterfeiting, and improve the management of returnable bottles.

The latest manufacturer to adopt the technology is CP Glass of Poland, who make bottles for beer, spirits and soft drinks. The company was very satisfied with the two previously installed systems and has now decided to purchase seven ID Mark systems from Bucher Emhart Glass. For CP, a key concern is to track all containers without exception.
On Emhart’s side, the project has been handled by a dedicated team consisting of a Sales Account Manager Jakub Ciosmak, a Product Manager and a Project Manager. The machines were scheduled to arrive at the CP plant before 31 December 2020.

Bucher Emhart Glass is firmly established as the world leader in laser marking. Ten of its service engineers around the world already hold Laser Officer qualification, and 150 ID Mark units have been installed worldwide. So it’s not surprising that most major glass makers are considering teaming up with the company to realise the benefits of container marking.
Emhart keeps the core laser unit in stock at all times, which simplifies service and reduces downtime in the event of any issues. The design of the unit is constantly being refined: just this year, Emhart has switched to stainless steel for the height set-up belt and added a new trigger sensor that is unaffected by dust in the environment.
“We’re delighted that CP Glass have put so much confidence in ID Mark by placing such a significant order,” says Jakub. “We’re looking forward to getting the machines delivered and set up, and helping them achieve the quality gains they’re looking for.”

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