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British Glass represented at Innovative Glazing Global Summit in Vienna

Representatives of British Glass and Glass Technology Services attended and spoke at the Innovative Glazing Global Summit in Vienna at the end of November.

At the third annual conference, British Glass’s Aston Fuller and GTS’s Gareth Jones gave a presentation on the recycling of flat glass back in to re-melt and the work of FISSAC, the Horizon2020 project to promote industrial symbiosis across the construction value chain to create economically viable secondary raw materials from construction waste, of which British Glass is a member.

Gareth and Aston raised awareness of the work of both British Glass and GTS in assisting the project while highlighting the need for a more circular economy for flat glass to promote closed loop recycling and to avoid glass being sent to aggregate or worse, landfill.

Glass waste can be used in cement mixes but is defined as end of life recycling as it cannot be put back into the glass manufacturing process, which can save 322 kWh of energy, 246 kg of carbon dioxide and 1.2 tonnes of raw materials.

The work undertaken by FISSAC contributes to the European Commission’s 2050 decarbonisation goal for intensive industries and is an important step in driving European circular economy principles.

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