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Bormioli Rocco Homeware MD reveals investment plans for high quality production

Interview to the Managing Director of the Homeware division.

Growth and competitiveness must be accompanied by innovation, investment and cooperation agreements says Matteo Davoli, managing director of the Homeware division of Bormioli Rocco.

With the main association for Italian farmers (Coldiretti) you have signed an agreement to protect the excellence of Italian food. Can you explain the concept of the initiative?
The Friend of the Countryside Foundation safeguards Italian agricultural production and sustainable development. Bormioli Rocco is the excellence of Made in Italy, recognized and appreciated worldwide for the Italian quality and style of its products. Glass, ecological material par excellence, is hygienic, inert, sterilizable and thus constitutes the ideal container to preserve the naturalness of food products. Quattro Stagioni (Four Seasons) is our line specifically designed for home vacuum preserving, not only as an iconic design but also using cutting-edge technology to ensure the conservation of food by the consumer through the use of all natural processes. There is therefore a complete communi0ty of values.

To defend “Made in Italy” means continuous product innovation, both functional and aesthetic. What are you investing in?
Product innovation is in our DNA and it is also the backbone of our business plan for the coming years. Our company is perceived in the world glass market as a symbol of Italian design and it is this concept that we want to push, making it more and more an element of distinction and success in the marketplace. Product innovation is born from the interpretation and anticipation of market needs, but also expertise and technological innovation. It’s mainly for this reason that in the coming years we have an ambitious plan of capital investment, with the goal of raising the quality of production.

The consumer is always to the fore?
Certainly. After all, companies exist for the consumer and it is the consumer who decides the fate of companies. For this, quoting Steve Jobs, it is essential to establish a relationship based on empathy with the consumer.

What is the specialization of sales channels?
Each sales channel has specific needs. Our strategy is to satisfy them by offering specific configurations. This strategy is paying off, because we’re increasingly recognized as a leader in the channels in which we are present. In terms of geographical segments, our strategy is to be present on the ground in the various world markets where we want to be a real player and not just a local exporter. We can give excellent service in all markets in which we operate, thanks to a sales force deeply rooted in the territories, with subsidiaries we own in the US, Germany, France, Spain, Russia and Asia-Pacific.

Which markets are you focusing on?
Right now the markets giving us the most satisfaction are the Far East, Middle East and the United States, thanks to the favorable exchange rate. But we are and we will remain very focused also on our home markets, namely Italy and other European countries, where we have a great heritage of presence and credibility.

How does the Homeware division fit into the reorganization plan launched by the group?
The Group’s strategy is to make the divisions more and more autonomous, so that each is focused and empowered to create value for its business, in a market environment characterized by high competitivity. An agreement was reached for the sale of the Food & Beverage division, along with the plant at Trezzano sul Naviglio, near Milan, to the Swiss group Vetropack. The Homeware division and Pharma division, however, continue their work of restructuring and revitalization, with good results in 2015, ahead of the planned objectives. The strategy of specialization and focus of the divisions was crucial, because it has encouraged the organization of structures which are leaner and faster in responding to market needs.

What news of the Fidenza development?
We are never short of news or new developments. This year we will rebuild furnace 9, the one dedicated to the production of crystal and therefore of high-end items, and simultaneously realize significant investments in production lines for this furnace. After that, the Fidenza furnaces will all be new, as they were renovated in recent years. This does not mean that we will stop investments, but only that in the coming years we will be able to dedicate more investments to technological innovation and automation. Obviously we don’t stop at investments in technology: shortly we will start renovating the company showroom, which will be a surprise because of its highly emotional impact and that will allow us to invite our customers from around the world to see our factory and our products presented properly. And speaking of commercial investments, in over 200 Coop Italy stores we are currently developing important Bormioli Rocco shop-in-shops : an advanced example of successful cooperation between industry and distribution.

The economic recovery is taking its time: are you optimistic?
We shouldn’t be overly concerned about the question of recovery, we have to stay very focused on making our company more competitive, in terms of industrial structure, quick, streamlined organization, attractive product catalogues and sales / distribution networks close to customers.

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