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Boosting profitability by up to 30% with Glaston solutions & services

Glaston continues to advance automation solutions that improve the quality, efficiency and profitability of glass tempering.

Effortless glass tempering with Autopilot
Glaston Autopilot
is the company’s newest technology in the field of tempering automation. This groundbreaking system provides fully automated glass tempering, taking care of all necessary settings and process adjustments. By minimizing manual input, the solution guarantees repeatable quality – regardless of operator or shift.

Lowest operating cost – highest profitability
With its outstanding features, Glaston Autopilot contributes to the lowest operating costs – and highest profitability. It enables unmatched output and yield by bringing simplicity and ease to glass tempering and especially facilitating mixed production.

Additionally, the system empowers glass processors to attain up to 50 percent in energy savings. As it eliminates downtime between product transitions and optimizes bed loading and utilization, maximized efficiency is ensured. By fostering precision throughout the entire production line, it effectively minimizes waste.

Glaston tempering line with its solid design, automation and the highest uptime supported by services offers a reliable solution for a lifetime. Plus, system upgrades allow glass processors to easily keep pace with industry developments, maintaining a competitive edge.

Enhanced safety with OSC
Glaston Online Stress Calculation
(OSC) solution calculates glass surface stress, middle-pane tension and estimated fragmentation amount for all processed glasses. This tool automates quality monitoring, replacing ineffective conventional approaches. By increasing automation, we can be more certain that the safety standards required for tempered glass are met.

The system issues automatic alerts when any variations in stress levels are detected. The results are based on real-time measurements of critical process variables during the tempering process.

Autopilot and OSC mark a significant leap forward in redefining the glass tempering industry and increasing glass processors’ profitability. These innovative solutions not only elevate quality and safety in glass processing but also guarantee heightened efficiency, directly translating into increased profits.

Both are available as an optional feature for new Glaston tempering lines or as an upgrade for Glaston’s existing lines.

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