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Biesse Group: Inside in Action – technology, on-life

Participation, innovation, interaction: INSIDE IN ACTION is an entirely new experience that stands out thanks to an exclusive on-life format with a triple structure – LIVE, NEXT and PLAY

Participation, innovation, interaction: Inside In Action is an entirely new experience that stands out thanks to an exclusive on-life format with a triple structure – LIVE, NEXT and PLAY.

The three forms of Inside In Action, held from 5th to 30th October at the Pesaro Campus and on inside.biessegroup.com, is a global event, both digital and live, with which Biesse Group is presenting its latest solutions for machining wood, advanced materials, glass and stone to the market.

From 26th to 30th October, visitors will be able to take part in an exclusive series of over 40 live webinars (both training and demos) on the virtual platform from their desktop or mobile phone and from every corner of the world, in the most common languages: all this is INSIDE PLAY.

Experts will be on hand, to demonstrate the most innovative solutions: by means of a virtual chat, customers will be able to ask questions and get information in real time.

What’s more, customers can watch the webinars later on too, as they’ll be on demand on the Digital Arena platform. To further ensure an event without borders, all of the branch offices will be involved in the webinars, which means customers will be able to participate in live events presented in the most widespread local languages.

Federico Broccoli, Chief Commercial and Subsidiaries Officer, said, “Inside in Action is a not-to-be-missed chance for our customers, crossing over all the technologies produced by Biesse, Intermac and Diamut, and at international level. The out-and-out, global involvement of Biesse Group, from Pesaro to Charlotte, from Sydney to Ulm, and in every corporate site around the world: a fruitful collaboration that allows us to offer customers a new formula, a new event, something different but ever more complete. The event is fully integrated in the digital transformation strategy implemented in Biesse Group – a strategy based on the digitalisation of the factories and the creation of a new, smart factory aimed at all our customers, from small and medium-sized firms right up to the major industrial groups.”

Broccoli added, “Our technologies and the new ideas that will be presented during INSIDE NEXT together represent the most thorough integration on offer to customers. No longer stand-alone machines but connected, integrated systems.”

Stefano Calestani, Service Innovation Director, said, “The digital transformation process of Biesse Group finds a natural outlet in Services too. This is a new experience for our customers, backed up by professional figures and innovative tools with a focus on proactivity and connectivity to ensure increasingly enhanced performance.“

Calestani concluded, “Thanks to platforms like SALESFORCE and SOPHIA, the Biesse customer care service goes from being reactive to proactive, generating the actions needed to resolve any problems in real time. The digitalisation of services is a strategic assets for customers, allowing them to boost performance, lower machine maintenance costs and maximise efficiency. For us, the customer is at the heart of everything we do. Customer Care is who we are.”

Raphaël Prati, Biesse Group Marketing & Communications Director, said, “Biesse Group, that has faced up to the new global context quickly and effectively, pursuing the concept of value via resilience and a flexible business model, is perfectly assimilated in the Digital Communication context: over these last months in fact, we’ve grasped all the opportunities linked with it, not only because it’s necessary in the present times but above all because the digitalisation process was already taking place in our company. Thinking about our memorable event “Inside Biesse”, it was inevitable that an event like Inside In Action would be created as the natural expression of Digital Communication. Inside In Action is a hybrid event with a physical heart but profoundly digital DNA. We’ve brought together creativity and technology to guarantee our customers an appealing form of interaction allowing a significant level of participation.”

Prati concluded, “We attribute enormous value and potential to the two forms, physical and digital, certain that they’ll sit alongside each other more and more in the future, each one boosting, enriching and stimulating the other in a virtuous process aimed at continuous improvement.”

Running in Pesaro until 30th October, INSIDE LIVE is the traditional live event that confirms and reinforces the efforts made by Biesse, Intermac and Diamut to provide innovative solutions to automate and revolutionise the world of manufacturing.

The Pesaro showrooms of Biesse and Intermac have opened their doors in absolute safety: over 40 machines, products and digital services waiting to be discovered, fully respecting the protocol governing the health and safety of customers, employees and the workplace. Thanks to a booking system set up online exclusively for the event, customers can arrange their visit autonomously on the basis of daily availability, observing the safety measures in full.

INSIDE NEXT is a real virtual Tech Show, where the sole and unfailing star of the stage is technological innovation, with the latest product and process ideas. The exclusive content and unmissable in-depth looks are part of a brand new, 100 percent digital formula that combines know-how and future. The new technologies for machining wood and advanced materials will take the stage at INSIDE NEXT on 15th and 16th October, followed on 22nd and 23rd October by the live presentation of advanced solutions for machining glass and stone, from the world of Diamut tools.

INSIDE IN ACTION: the appointment with Biesse Group innovation, now as a live digital show.

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