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Berlin Packaging expands in Florida

Berlin Packaging’s new 40,000-square-foot warehouse in Miramar, Florida will house customers’ packaging components for just-in-time delivery and enable same-day shipping to virtually the entire state of Florida.

Berlin Packaging, a full-service supplier of plastic, glass and metal containers and closures with more than 90 locations throughout North America, is opening a 40,000-square-foot warehouse in Miramar, Florida, to accommodate rapid business growth in the South Florida market. The facility will house customers’ packaging components for just-in-time delivery and enable same-day shipping to virtually the entire state of Florida.
Berlin Packaging will begin using the new space in May, be fully operational this summer when the build-out is complete, and continue to use existing third-party warehouses in Orlando, Miami and Jacksonville when needed for proximity to customers’ fillers or own facilities. The company is also opening a new office in Miami, joining its Florida headquarters in Bradenton and sales offices across Florida established over the firm’s 20 years of business in the state.
“Our sales in Florida have surged tremendously in the last year, in part because of an aggressive sales and marketing campaign focusing on services such as package design, global sourcing, capital lending at below-market rates, and consulting that we offer free of charge in exchange for new packaging business. That growth prompted us to look for more warehouse space that we can staff with our own personnel,” said Darrin Dingman, Florida District Manager, Berlin Packaging. “This new facility will allow us to provide more same-day shipping as well as accommodate continued expansion of our Florida customer base.”
With nearly USD 800 million in annual revenues and locations in more than 30 states, Berlin Packaging supplies more than 3.5 billion containers and closures annually as well as labelling, filling, and sourcing services to companies of all sizes and industry sectors including food and beverage, personal care, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical, automotive, household care and industrial chemical.
Customers have the option to have finished containers and closures drop-shipped directly from the factory to their preferred destinations, or housed at warehouses like the new Miramar facility for release on an as-needed basis under the company’s inventory management programme. The majority of Berlin Packaging’s customers take advantage of inventory programmes – now with 105 consecutive months of 99%-plus on-time product delivery – to avoid the costs of packaging stockouts, ensure their ability to fill orders, reduce in-house storage requirements, improve cash flow, and keep their supply chains running smoothly.

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