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Benteler is now offering pre-processing lines with screen-printing

Benteler, known for its cross-system technology, including for example Grinding-Drilling-Washing lines and Cutting-Breaking-Grinding lines for the automotive glass production, will be on display at Glasstec 2016.

Benteler is now offering its customers innovative screen-printing solutions which can be integrated without interfaces in processing lines or can be used as a stand-alone solution.
Especially for small to medium print formats, Benteler has developed a solution for smallest space, which can be realized in combination with UV and / or IR-drying techniques. Integrated control equipment and a high degree of automation ensure highest precision.
Benteler sets new standards with this system in mass production.
Due to the increasing digitalisation, more and more classic covers are fitted with functional design coatings, for example washing machines or ovens. The use of touch functions is increasing rapidly. Benteler provides the exact solution for these applications.
The productivity of the printing machine is essentially determined by the changeover to a new product. Using a special laser projection system, the operator is supported during set of printing screen, product and support masks. Because of this, the Benteler screen-printing machine can be converted within a few minutes by only one person.
Modern designs call for a frameless installation of glass. Benteler has developed a system that guarantees printing up to the glass edge.
The Benteler machine provides maximum ease of use. For screen change or cleaning the screen frame can be easily pulled out of the machine without losing the position to the printing. The extendable screen frame offers the operating personnel an excellent accessibility to the printing table and the screen. A risk for the operators during the setup and cleaning process can be excluded.
To ensure optimal conditions for a high availability and a high output during a continuous production, Benteler has integrated a master framework system. This system ensures a reproducible position in the machine.
Up to 499 model specific machine parameters can be stored in the integrated recipe management, including for example the squeegee paths and squeegee speed.
With the Benteler Screen-printing solution highest quality, productivity and precision can be achieved.

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