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Benteler develops innovative trimming process solution

Benteler’s latest project is the development of a new trimming line for the removal of PVB foil after the autoclave process.

“Preservation and improvement of proven quality must be the basic idea for any further development, and because of this we consistently develop our machines to fulfill the specific needs of our customers,” said a Benteler spokesperson.
In modern vehicles the glass edge of lites is mostly visible. This requires a precise cutting of foil. Because of this, the existing process (with one knife) is no longer usable.
Benteler has developed an innovative solution where the knife has been replaced by a grinding belt. The grinding belt prevents a fraying of the foil, and a high-quality and perfect grinding result is achieved.
An additional advantage is the uninterruptible processing process. Due to the use of two trimming heads, changing the grinding belt is possible during operation. This means productivity can be increased and production costs reduced.
Due to its focus on leading technologies on the one hand and cost reductions on the other hand,Benteler offers the appropriate response to the current market needs.

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