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Beneq C2 wins Compound Semiconductor High-Volume Manufacturing Award

Beneq C2 is the winner in the High-Volume Manufacturing category of the Compound Semiconductor Industry Awards

The throughput revolution in wafer ALD continues, increasing the capacity of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) equipment and expanding the line. Beneq C2 receives the High-Volume Manufacturing Award in the Compound Semiconductor International Conference.

Beneq Thin Film Solutions has recently been focusing on developing high-capacity ALD solutions for wafer processing in the semiconductor industry.
In November 2017, the company launched Beneq C2, a cluster-compatible automated ALD system for industrial processing of wafers. It was received with great interest on the market and the first equipment sets have already been shipped to customers, while new orders are now coming in.
And now, Beneq is announcing that the revolutionary features of Beneq C2 and its deposition speed and capacity have also been recognized by the industry experts.
Beneq C2 is the winner in the High-Volume Manufacturing category of the Compound Semiconductor Industry Awards, where the industry experts have been able to vote for their favorites from a shortlist of nominees. Beneq received the award in the CS Awards ceremony in Brussels, Belgium.
Beneq C2 moves throughput of wafer ALD equipment to a completely new level. It provides an optimal solution for high performance ALD on wafers in industrial applications in the emerging More than Moore semiconductor markets, such as Power and RF devices, RF and Piezoelectric MEMS, MEMS sensors and actuators, image Sensors, photonic integrated circuits, and OLED micro-displays.
GaN (gallium nitride) high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) have great potential for next generation energy-efficient power switching applications, but the devices require conformal high-quality dielectrics. High-capacity thermal and plasma enhanced ALD systems can create highly conformal dielectric layers that solve many challenges in high-throughput manufacturing of GaN HEMT devices.

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