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BDF Industries – Alfa furnace series

BDF Alfa furnace series are the results of the company studies and experience in terms of melting technology when production is focused on special bottles, the key points of the furnace are modulated to achieve the best results for this kind of production

BDF Industries has designed a particular series of End fired furnaces, the Alfa furnace series, to obtain the perfect compromise in terms of Consumption and glass quality, keeping an eye on the balance between CAPEX and OPEX in order to propose the best solution technically speaking but also in economic terms.

This furnace series has a proven geometry of a wide/length ratio which is bigger than average to enhance the glass quality and reduce the seeds at the lowest. The sand dissolution index, the melting and the fining index, the bubble growth index and the residence time are optimized by BDF experience and from this peculiar design.

Thanks to this it is possible to achieve great results in terms of quality even with a specific pull over 2 ton/sqm and in case of small boosting option is possible to go even higher.

Furnace technical specification (data subject to engineering)

  • Furnace Type: Regenerative End Fired BDF Alfa Model
  • Glass: Soda Lime flint (quality suitable for tableware and cosmetic)
  • Seed count: 20 seeds/100 gr (considering seeds from 0.2 to 0.99 mm of diameter)
  • Cullet Ratio: 10% (internal reject only)
  • Total Output for Flint Glass: from 80 to 300 ton per day @ 10% cullet
  • Specific Pull: 1,8 TPD/sqm (up to 2,2 TPD/sqm with booster usage)
  • Melting Area: from 45 to 140 sqm
  • Fuel: Natural gas/Light Diesel/Heavy Oil
  • Regenerators: Chimney block checkers
  • Dog-House: equipped for installing BDF oscillating Electronic batch charger
  • Main firing system: 3 + 3 under port burners
  • Throat booster: 60 KVA

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