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BDF A.F.E. – Active Front End

Technology for energy recovering on BDF IS machines

The BDF Industries Active Front End converter controls the power exchange through a voltage loop (V bus dc), and a current loop. From a mechanical point of view, in a complete BDF system there is a continuous energetic inertial changing due to the constant acceleration and deceleration of mechanisms.

The regenerative units act as ac/dc rectifier, controlling two-direction exchange of power (absorption or power regeneration) according to the needs of the load.

A.F.E. provides energy savings for all applications requiring regeneration of energy in mains, as an alternative to the dissipative braking resistors. The Fundamental Front End converter works like a diode bridge but it allows recovering Energy to the grid, without adjusting the Bus DC voltage and THD current.

A.F.E. main benefits

  • Sinusoidal line current with reduction of the harmonic current distortion THDi
  • Compensation of line voltage variations
  • Energy saving
  • DC BUS Control also with power line voltage fluctuations
  • Regenerative capability thus to make power flow in both directions

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