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BAVELLONI: Reliability, quality, experience: since 1946

This article provides an overview of Bavelloni comprehensive machinery and tooling offering: a complete range of products resulting from the Company’s extensive know-how and experience in the flat glass processing business.

Bavelloni tools range

Bavelloni is a historical brand in flat glass grinding equipment, being on the market since 1946. The company is based in Lentate sul Seveso (Italy) and manufactures 100 per cent of its products in Italy. During over 70 years of activity, Bavelloni has delivered more than 25,000 glass processing machines to more than 100 countries. Company products include glass processing technology and services for the architectural, furniture, domestic appliance and solar industries. The extensive company portfolio ranges from CNC machines to technologies for edging, bevelling, cutting, drilling/milling, fully integrated solutions, and also includes a wide variety of diamond and polishing tooling.
Bavelloni SpA is also the majority shareholder of Yalos Bavelloni, a company specialized in high-end horizontal and vertical washers for flat glass complementing Bavelloni offering.

Work centres
Bavelloni’s NRG Series consists of three CNC work centres: the smallest one, NRG 250 is a 3-axis CNC machine very compact and fast, which now features an automatic front door like the bigger models, NRG 330 and NRG 420. The latter are available in 3- and 4-axis configurations and differ for their maximum workable dimensions.
Bavelloni CNC machining centres can be used as stand-alone machines or integrated with anthropomorphic robots in automated workstations.

Straight-line edging
The VE series includes a complete range of straight-line edging machines called VE 350 and VE 500, featuring from 6 to 11 spindles for processing flat edges with arrises, and two mitering models, VE500 V10 and V14 for machining chamfers with angles from 0° to 45°. VE 500 11, VE 500 V10 and V14 are now also manufactured in the SCS version, provided with an innovative spindle control system for the automatic positioning of the diamond and polishing wheels. Bavelloni has also recently launched a special edger, VE 350 6D, with six diamond wheels for high-speed grinding.

As regards double-edging, Bavelloni can offer an unlimited number of configurations according to the layout, to the maximum workable sizes, to the glass profiles and to the automation level. The machinery can be equipped with a wide range of optional accessories (automatic loaders and unloaders, tilting tables, rollers and transfers) for tailor made solutions. The offering includes: the HE500 series with cup wheels and dimensions up to 3300×7200 mm to grind flat edges with arrises and the V-series with peripheral wheels to process small/medium thickness glass with pencil edge shape at high speed.

Bavelloni’s bevelling portfolio includes VB 500 in configurations CNP and CNS and VB 350 in versions CN and CNS. The VB series bevellers assemble a patented conveyor (without ball bearings) that minimizes maintenance costs and grants, at the same time, performance and working accuracy. The belt transmission between motor and spindle eliminates any possible vibrations. More-over, the maintenance-free spindles sealed and lubricated with permanent grease and the centralized lubrication system reduce operating costs.

Bevelling for the the automotive industry, and semi-automatic edging/bevelling
Bavelloni also offers complete lines to produce prismatic rear-view mirrors for the automotive industry: Prisma 75 is a bevelling line especially designed for the processing of large-sized bevels (up to 75 mm) with excellent optical quality.  SB 10 deserves a specific mention being the most sold horizontal semi-automatic machine for grinding, polishing and bevelling the edges of shaped glass.

Cutting, vertical drilling&milling, washing
As to cutting, Bavelloni produces two lines of benches: the REV series for straight and shaped cutting of monolithic glass and the Lamy series for cutting, breaking and detaching laminated glass.
Bavelloni’s vertical drilling-milling machine VDM 1636 CN provided with double drilling head and rotating tool store (8+8 positions) has become popular in just a few years thanks to its ease of use and precision. Thanks to a new functionality, this machine can now also drill and notch off-square shapes and parallelograms.
Regarding glass washing, in addition to the HW series horizontal washers by Yalos Bavelloni, available in six different sizes (1300 / 1600/ 2200/ 2600/ 3000/ 3300 mm), the company’s portfolio now includes also four vertical washing machines belonging to the VW range. The smallest one, VW1600 OT features an open top structure while the other three models differ for the maximum workable height (2200, 2800 and 3300 mm).

Fully-integrated solutions
Bavelloni is also a pioneer in fully integrated solutions, being one of the first manufacturers supplying robotic islands featuring CNC machines and robots. In response to the increasing market demand for integration and automation, Bavelloni can develop a variety of custom and special projects in combination with Bavelloni machinery (straight-line edgers, double edgers, CNC, drilling/milling centers, washing machines) and other equipment.

Diamond and polishing tools
Last but not least, Bavelloni has extensive experience in the design, manufacturing and sale of the most complete range of diamond and polishing tooling for flat glass processing, suitable for Bavelloni machines and for the main glass machinery producers: metal and resin bond cup wheels for straight-line edging, double-edging and bevelling machines; peripheral wheels for double-edging and horizontal NC machines, diamond and polishing wheels for vertical working centers, milling cutters, combi-tools, cut-out wheels, core-drills and countersinks. Bavelloni Tools Division – a specific production site of 5,000 sq.m. – manufactures around 100,000 tools each year and is able to supply 20,000 items from stock; the R&D experts of Bavelloni Tools Division, with a combination of research in metallurgy and extensive application knowledge, are always looking for the perfect grinding wheel/machine synergy to find answers enhancing productivity, quality and safe operation.

• Straight-line edging and bevelling machines
• Shaped grinding and bevelling machines
• Double edging machines and lines
• Drilling and milling machines
• CNC grinding machines
• Tables for straight and shaped cutting
• Fully integrated solutions
• Diamond and polishing tooling
• Yalos Bavelloni horizontal and vertical washing machines

Bavelloni has a widespread sales network all over the world thanks to long term collaborations with the best dealers and agents in the field who are able to advise customers on the most suitable solutions for their production requirements. Over the years Bavelloni has kept on working to strengthen its sales force aiming at bringing a valuable extra level of local support to customers.
In 2017, Bavelloni consolidated its presence in North America through Bavelloni America Inc. in Greensboro (USA) to be nearer to its loyal customers in one of its main market. The local business in Greensboro takes care of selling and servicing Bavelloni equipment in the USA and Canada and manages the commercial coordination of the South American markets in close cooperation with Bavelloni SpA.
With the same aim, Bavelloni SpA focused on another acquisition at the end of 2019 and can now count on a direct presence in Mexico with Z.Bavelloni México S.A. de C.V. The company, based in Guadalajara, has been operating for more than 25 years promoting the Bavelloni brand and installing over 1000 Bavelloni machines within Mexico and the other Central American countries.
In 2020 Bavelloni has further expanded its sales network by appointing new agents and Sales Area Managers.

Bavelloni Spa

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