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Balcony Systems’ green balconies

UK-based Balcony Systems’s clear glass balconies are now even ‘greener’ thanks to a self-cleaning glass coating that eliminates the need to use strong chemicals to keep them clean.

Clear glass balconies from UK-based Balcony Systems are, the company says, now even ‘greener’ thanks to their innovative self-cleaning glass coating that eliminates the use of strong chemicals to keep them clean.
The patented coating, which is applied to both sides of the glass, creating a super-smooth surface that repels water, dirt and grime, thus speeding up the cleaning cycle by around 90%. Moreover, no harsh chemicals are needed.
“Our special coating has three major advantages; it gives glass added impact resistance, protection from the elements, and dramatically reduces regular cleaning,” explained Effi Wolff, Balcony Systems managing director.
“Over time, the microscopic ‘peaks’ and ‘valleys’ on the surface of untreated glass traps dirt particles, which cannot be removed – even by strong chemical cleaning agents. That’s why, over time, glass discolours and becomes more opaque. Our coating evens out the surface so nothing can stick and keeps the glass cleaner, while also helping to prolong its lifespan.
“Today’s building products must meet many types of criteria, from strength and aesthetics to legislative, regulatory and sustainable requirements. By reducing the need for regular cleaning and use of chemical cleaners, our self-cleaning glass coating further demonstrates our commitment to respect for the environment in which we live.”

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