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A+W glasstec 2018 recap

New products and development showcased under the motto “Connecting Digital Worlds”

During glasstec 2018 in Düsseldorf, Germany, A+W Software presented exciting new developments under the motto “Connecting Digital Worlds.” The company creates production environments in which the glass creation chain consists increasingly of digitally networked, completely automatic, intelligent processes. People, the flow of materials, and information technologies are coordinated online, in real time, and comprehensively. This enables customers to finish glass even more efficiently, creatively, in sustainable fashion and also more profitably.

With A+W IoT – Smart Trace the company presented an intelligent data platform on which multiple data streams from production and different software systems can be stored and evaluated in intelligent memory. This data can be used to improve processes and detect hidden savings potential. For example, the user can trace the production process of a single lite or an entire batch seamlessly, document it and detect opportunities and weak points in complex systems.

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If you frequently need to digitize templates for additional CNC processing in the course of daily business, the company now offers A+W iShape, a flexible, remarkably easy-to-operate application that can photograph templates with a high-end smartphone camera. The best feature of the app is that, in contrast to older solutions, no calibration of the camera is required.

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Maximum utilization of the furnace bed makes TG production more efficient and cost-effective. This cannot be done manually in many cases or it is very time-consuming.

With the new A+W Furnace Optimizer, the capacities of the TG furnace are exploited optimally and lite tracking is much easier. This is an online optimization that works with precisely the lites that are currently available at the furnace entrance. Since in networked production these lites have been booked via PDC by the previous processing for TG production, the furnace manager can identify each lite with certainty thanks to easy barcode reading and position the lite in the current furnace batch according to the specifications of the A+W Furnace Optimizer. Read more here.

In addition to these innovations, A+W Software also presented their entire line of ERP, production, and optimization products. To learn more about all of their products, visit

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