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Ardagh produces New bottle for Jameson Irish Whiskey

The packaging company Ardagh Group unveils new glass bottle designs for whiskey-maker Jameson’s triple-distilled Irish Whiskey bottles

Glass packaging company Ardagh Group, working with brand design agency Design Bridge, unveiled a new look for Jameson’s triple-distilled Irish Whiskey. The design will be used across the full range of bottle sizes, which includes 1.75 litre, 1 litre, 75cl, 70cl, 50cl, 375ml, 350ml, 200ml bottles and 200ml flask sizes. In a statement, Ardagh said that although the new bottle has been revamped with many new features to sharpen the appearance and graphics, the basic parameters of size and shape remain unaltered.
The neck “smile” feature has been refined for greater visibility. Ardagh said that it had to design this smile feature with great precision so that the molten forms would easily release as the moulds opened on the forming machine.

Ardagh carried out multiple trials to ensure the correct definition of the recess at the bottom of the front label panel, which mirrors the shape of the label. In a statement, Ardagh stated: “Embossing was added below the shaped recess. The ‘Barrelmen’ detail is very fine, and presented a challenge to reproduce within such a small space. The area of emboss had to be subtly tweaked to ensure it would not contact between bottles. “In addition, a detailed JJ&S embossed logo was required on the base of the bottle, but a concern was that this would limit any base inspection scanning. Ardagh therefore refined the base emboss to allow some inspection scanning and also incorporate elements of branding”.

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