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Ardagh Group: new in-depth study released

A recently-released study on Ardagh has been published

A recently-released study on Ardagh prepared by two packaging professionals shows the company’s strategy that has taken it to its current heights, and sets out in detail its new market positions.

Two packaging professionals, Richard Moore and Arthur Stupay, have just released a new in-depth study on the Ardagh Group.
One of the least known packaging companies, Ardagh has emerged in 2017 as an USD 8 billion-dollar mammoth, with leading positions in beverage cans, food cans and glass containers.
This 94-page report explains the Ardagh strategy that has taken it to its current heights, and sets out in detail its new market positions by end product segment and geography, for both glass and metal containers. Based on an analysis of acquisition history, segment profitability and market dynamics the authors also outline likely options for Ardagh’s future moves in the industry.
The report contains 27 sections and 20 tables, including sales and EBITDA by product line and region, and a long-term history of profitability for both Glass and Metal businesses. There are also key management bios and tables on plant locations and their activities.
The report is available in English and Chinese from the authors’ joint website
For further information please contact the authors:
Arthur Stupay, +1 216-241-3078
Richard Moore, +33 6 08 74 24 38

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