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Arc China: Every gram of CO2 avoided counts

Arc China shows that solar energy helps reduce greenhouse gases, even for an energy-intensive industry

The production site in Nanjing of Arc China, part of Arc International, has installed solar panels on its warehouses.

In July 2021, solar panels were installed on the roofs of two of the warehouses at Arc China’s production site in Nanjing. With a power of 2 Megawatts, these panels are intended for self-consumption of electricity on the site.

Since the installation of the solar panels in 2021, 2270 Megawatt hours have been produced, avoiding the equivalent of 1250 tonnes of CO2.

Arc China is considering phase II of the project for 2023, with the installation of panels on the ground or on the roofs of other buildings on the site, for an additional power of 2 Megawatts.

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