Apprentices at Gerresheimer: part of the family from day one

Gerresheimer’s new apprentices are taking their first steps in the world of work. By the second year of the program they’re into the routine and, by the third year the final examination and the end of the apprenticeship are in sight.

“Apprentices at Gerresheimer are part of the family from their very first day on. They are shown the ropes by their more experienced colleagues and our committed trainers. Initially, they need quite a bit of assistance and support, but we also give them projects they are capable of working on alone,” said Thomas Perlitz, Global Senior Vice President Human Resources at Gerresheimer in Düsseldorf, adding that the company offers almost 100 percent of its apprentices a full-time position when they complete their apprenticeship. This year more than 50 Gerresheimer apprentices will be taking their final examinations and embarking on their careers. Gerresheimer currently has around 180 apprentices at eight establishments in Germany. Here’s an overview of the training establishments.
Gerresheimer Bünde – the syringe specialists
Gerresheimer manufactures glass syringes for the pharmaceutical industry day and night at its Bünde plant in eastern Westphalia. They are used for applications such as heparin injections or influenza vaccinations. The six new apprentices and one sandwich degree student who have been taken on this year will join the 18 existing apprentices and students at Gerresheimer Bünde.
Gerresheimer Essen, Lohr and Tettau – high-tech glass competence with traditional roots
All of Gerresheimer’s German glass production facilities are tradition-steeped establishments. The plants in Essen, Lohr and Tettau have a total of around 1000 employees who manufacture many billions of glass containers every year. Their customers include reputed German and international companies in the pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics industries. High quality ampoules are manufactured at the Wertheim plant. There are currently more than 70 apprentices and 7 sandwich degree students at the four plants, most of them in glass production-related apprenticeship and degree programs. This year they are joined by another 17 apprentices.
Gerresheimer Regensburg – the plastics experts for the pharma industry
The Medical Systems Division has more than 3000 employees around the world, and it’s the Gerresheimer Group’s largest division. High quality plastic products such as inhalers and insulin pens are manufactured at the German production facilities in Regensburg, Pfreimd and Wackersdorf. There are 21 new apprentices and three sandwich degree students in Regensburg, taking the total up to 89 apprentices and 17 students
Promotion and support
Gerresheimer is very committed to training young employees. The apprenticeship programs always focus on the development aspect. They include practical training from experienced colleagues plus the acquisition of technical and commercial background knowledge at vocational school or at university if the apprenticeship is combined with a degree program. Most apprenticeships are available at Gerresheimer’s establishments in Germany.
Gerresheimer is now accepting applications for the 2017 program. You can find further information on the internet at