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AIGMF: glass consumption in green buildings to go up

According to the All India Glass Manufacturers’ Federation (AIGMF), and more precisely its Vice President – Sanjay Ganjoo – who is also Chief Operating Officer of Asahi India Glass Ltd., the use of glass in green buildings will increase.

Glass consumption in the green buildings and solar photovoltaic industry is set to grow rapidly as modern offices and homes are constructed, according to All India Glass Manufacturers’ Federation (AIGMF).
The use of glass has increased recently due to new buildings seeking to bring energy savings. Its usage has therefore become an integral part of new buildings as opposed to conventional approach to construction where brick and cement were mainly used and glass usage was relatively low.
According to Sanjay Ganjoo, Chief Operating Officer of Asahi India Glass Ltd. and Vice President of the Federation, the usage of glass complements the Union Government’s strategy and the Prime Minister’s Mission to encourage energy conservation. Glass is one of the important inputs for building construction and is seen as an energy efficient product.
Apart from being integral part of life, it is 100% recyclable. The usage of glass in green buildings is growing by about 30-35% per annum and this is likely to increase, he added.
According to the CII-Green Business Centre, thus far more than 1 billion sq.ft of green building area has been registered and under construction in the country where use of materials such as glass is going up. Earlier, glass usage in buildings was optional. But some States have also mandated its usage through guidelines.

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