AGC to unveil new environmentally friendly mirror

AGC will soon unveil SunmirrorTM G, a new environmentally friendly mirror with outstanding durability; develops first copper-free mirror in Japan, which has, says the company, a coating film with greater durability and strength.

AGC (Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.) has announced that it will release a new product – SunmirrorTM G – on 1 July. SunmirrorTM G is the first copper-free mirror produced in Japan. It helps to conserve resources and features a coating film with greater durability and strength than existing products. Silver is generally used as an ingredient of the reflective surface of a mirror, with copper plating and a paint coating used to prevent deterioration of its quality.
The major features of the new product are:
the coating film with improved durability helps prevent discoloration of silver without the use of copper plating. (Compared to AGC’s existing products);
enhanced strength of the coating film reduces risk of breakage and damage when handling. (Compared to AGC’s existing products);
resource-saving: no copper is used in the manufacturing process;
environmentally friendly: SunmirrorTM G conforms to various ordinances on regulated substances in major countries, including European nations, and its coating material does not emit formaldehyde.