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AGC previews Glassiled Uni, the latest innovation in LED-embedded glass solutions

Glassiled Uni is AGC’s new LED-embedded glass

Glassiled Uni is AGC’s latest innovation in LED-embedded glass solutions, and is a double glazing unit that has monochrome or RGB LEDs embedded in the spacer, enabling to illuminate façades.

At Light + Building 2018 (18-23 March in Frankfurt), AGC will focus on Glassiled Uni, its brand new LED-embedded glass solution for uniformly illuminating façades.
Glassiled Uni is a double glazing unit with the same specifications as traditional double glazing, but this unique product also features monochrome or RGB LEDs embedded in the spacer that make it possible to illuminate any building façade with unprecedented uniformity and no restriction on colour or light temperature. The glass pane can measure up to an unparalleled 3m x 2m. This customised solution is compatible with most frames and is easy to install and maintain.
In addition to its original appearance, Glassiled Uni delivers full transparency when off and low power consumption.
In interior spaces, Glassiled Uni is the ideal solution for creating a unique look combining privacy and colourful effects.
The Glassiled range features two other products, Glassiled Motion and Glassiled Sign, the result of AGC’s experience and successes in this area since 2007.
Glassiled Motion incorporates individually controlled monochrome or RGB LEDs in a double glazing unit. This means that when night falls the glass can transform into a giant screen, a visual and interactive medium capable of faithfully displaying any animated design. Since the wiring is invisible the glass retains 99% of its transparency; there are no LED strips to distort the view through the glass or spoil the project design. The electronic components and LEDs are protected from moisture and atmospheric deterioration by the double glazing, which also automatically provides thermal insulation. Glassiled Motion is ideal for facade applications such as stadiums, shopping centres, leisure facilities, hotels, residential buildings, offices and more.
Glassiled Sign represents the first generation of Glassiled, featuring monochrome LEDs only. It is the ideal glass product for any interior or exterior application requiring a permanent design – such as a signature, logo, image, etc. – that blends in seamlessly with the façade or another glass medium. Once chosen, the design remains in place for years.
With these three products – offering 99-100% transparency and a uniform effect over multiple storeys (both vision glass and spandrels) – architects and designers have a variety of solutions they can deploy to brand or animate building facades and create innovative interior designs.

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