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AGC DX boosts efficiency of architectural glass quotation

The new quotation system enables data linkage through the cloud

AGC has started a trial of cloud-based linkage of data on kinds of glass and quantities between supply chains using “R7”, a unique glass quotation system developed by an AGC Group company, AGC Amenitech Co., Ltd. (AGC Amenitech). Full-scale operations are scheduled to begin in the first half of 2023. AGC will promote work style reform in the architectural glass industry via DX initiatives throughout the supply chain.

In the Japanese architectural glass industry, the glass quotation process involves the exchange of quotation requests and responses via e-mail and fax, so there is demand to make operations across the entire supply chain more efficient. Until now, AGC has sold AGC Amenitech’s system, which specializes in creating quotations for complex glass work, to installers, dealers and other customers. Yet there had been no data linkage between customers who have installed the system. Therefore, the conventional construction costing process involves an enormous amount of manual input at each process in the supply chain. Also, fax and other analogue data cannot be linked between the processes.

The “R7” glass quotation system newly developed in 2022 enables data linkage through the cloud, providing seamless integration of data such as glass kind and quantity information between installers and dealers. This will enable the entire supply chain to improve operational efficiency by reducing manual input work, shortening lead time for quotations, and preventing omissions and errors in input. Trial operation conducted at dealers and installers from June 2022 showed quotation input work at dealers was cut by approximately 20 hours per month.

AGC’s ultimate aim is to achieve supply chain efficiency and work style reform in the Japanese architectural glass industry by accelerating DX to link data among glass manufacturers, dealers, and installers while also implementing accurate and timely information exchange.

The AGC Group has formulated its medium-term management plan, AGC plus-2023 to achieve its long-term management strategy, “Vision 2030”, and one of the key strategies in the plan is to “boost competitiveness by accelerating digital transformation (DX).” By utilizing big data from every aspect of operations including R&D, manufacturing and sales, AGC continues to pursue even more efficient operations and while providing new added value for their customers and society by transforming the entire business process from the customer and market perspectives.

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