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AGC: combining insulation, solar control, safety and transparency

The building envelops literally become “invisible”

The combination of AGC’s Planibel Clearsight with Thermobel Scena enables building envelops to literally become “invisible”.

Thermobel Scena is an insulating glazing unit with vertical transparent spacers for glazing applications without the use of mullions. This product is compatible with AGC’s product range of low-E and solar control coated products. Homeowners and architects can choose from the list of Thermobel options, and fine-tune the Scena to performance levels suiting their needs.
Furthermore, safety can be assured by integrating a toughened safety glass and/or a laminated safety glass.
The transparent vertical spacer guarantees an optimal view combined with a maximum transparency, no visual disturbance from structural components.
By using the anti-reflective coating Planibel Clearsight in combination with Thermobel Scena, the building envelops literally become “invisible”. No more vertical framings will disturb the glazed façade while the special Clearsight coating will help reducing light reflection on the glass surface to just 0.8%. This renders the pane of glass nearly invisible, offering greater definition for any objects displayed behind it.

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