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ADVANCED CONTAINER HANDLING: Experience and know-how with historical Italian roots

A new company in the packaging sector, with a new concept for the construction of systems and solutions. In this article we take a look at one of Italy’s most recent new-entries in the cold-end area of hollow glass manufacturing, founded thanks to 30 years of experience in container handling.

ADvanced Container Handling is the new start-up established thanks to its founder’s passion for handling, in all its different forms and types, from containers to everything that needs to be handled. The founder and administrator of ADvanced Container Handling is Domenico Tarantolo, many know this name, associated with 30 years history and experience in the handling field, raised and trained in the Emilian Packaging Valley. In fact, he entered the sector as a young man as a simple apprentice, then becoming a transfer installer, mechatronics, customer service, sales manager, Latin America sales director.

Although the company name is English, its roots, experience and know-how are all Italian. The name of the company itself immediately conveys its mission, and is a direct reference to the type of product it deals with, and are fundamental and very important elements for a company that was born and has its roots in the cradle of packaging.
The company’s mission is based on the introduction of a new concept for the construction of systems and solutions: the focal centre is the container, the real protagonist, which starts from this essential element and its shape, from the material of which it is made, its purpose, used by third parties, for the diffusion of a brand or for large distribution.

At the base of everything there is a very simple philosophy and analogy: the most important thing for the customer is the most important thing for ADvanced Container Handling, and this is the guideline for the realization of each and every project.
This new company was set up in a period and in a global situation certainly not the simplest, but its founder is strongly convinced that he can provide a new concept and a new vision of packaging. From glass containers to plastic, from cartons to tinplate, from packaging to handling, from the simplest to the most complex, ADvanced Container Handling will be able to provide customized solutions supporting its customers from the very first steps in the configuration of packaging lines and systems, paying particular attention to all the details – too often considered superfluous – but which on the contrary can make the difference in the aim to acquire new market positions in the increasingly competitive packaging sector.

ADvanced Container Handling has a staff of highly motivated and experienced collaborators. Moreover, the area dedicated to the construction of systems boasts a unique structure, offering large spaces that allows to carry out various activities carried out simultaneously, aiming at reducing costs and production times, given the dynamic demand of a constantly evolving market.
During its first steps into the global market, ADvanced Container Handling will be able to count on strategic alliances, representation of brands, both in the sector and in others, sharing of markets, all with the aim of offering solutions of functionality and quality but, at the same time, guaranteeing a path of complete growth. The industrial plan envisages the development of these strategic alliances in order to provide a capillary network of agents and branches, able to guarantee its presence on the territory: representative sales, on-demand assistance and, in some cases, also assembly and realization of plants.
ADvanced Container Handling aims to offer its customers solutions of functionality and quality, enhancing the Handling of the ‘product’, the result of an entire process, hard work, constant commitment, with cutting-edge technical solutions.


ADvanced Container Handling S.r.l.

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