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ACerS: refractories fundamentals from C. Philip Ross in a two-disk course

Glass industry expert C. Philip Ross teaches this two-disk-DVD course

ACerS members – and non-members – can purchase a two-disk DVD course in which glass industry expert C. Philip Ross explains the role that refractories have in industrial glass furnaces.

What role do refractories play with industrial glass furnaces? Glass industry expert C. Philip Ross teaches this two-disk-DVD course compiled from his extensive work in the field.
Ross’s courses are great training tools for glass industry employees, and anyone with a need to learn more about glass melting furnaces. This particular DVD discussion on refractory issues includes the methods of optimizing their selection, wear mechanisms in service, as well as influences from furnace design and operational variables. Ross also compares current refractory category properties to how they perform in meeting useful life, glass quality, and economic performance goals.
Both ACerS members and non-members can purchase this two-disc-DVD set. Ross’s other ACerS DVD courses including Glass Melting Furnaces and Air Emission Issues in Glass Melting Furnaces, also available for purchase. Course Agenda
Disc 1 (1 hour 25 minutes)
Industrial glass furnaces
*   Importance of furnace
*   Design considerations
*   Refractory selection criteria, service conditions
*   Construction and commissioning
Selection methods
*   Categories, chemistries, and cost benefits
*   Manufacturing methods
*   Properties – Testing methods, service simulation
Wear mechanisms
* Refractory wear/deterioration mechanisms
* Working with Phase diagrams
* Molten glass and slag attack factors
Disc 2 (1 hour 47 minutes)
Wear mechanisms (continued)
* Refractory wear/deterioration
* Thermal, mechanical, shock, chemical
* Atmosphere (combustion, dusting, volatiles, and pressure)
* Glass contact flow
Refractory maintenance
Relevance to actual operating conditions, upsets, and excursions

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