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Abrisa now provides engineered OEM glass for tubing applications

Abrisa Technologies now provides ultra precision heat and vacuum shrinking of glass and quartz tubing via its partner company, Wilmad LabGlass, enabling the company to serve both current customers, as well as new potential ones.

Abrisa Technologies announces that it can now provide ultra precision heat and vacuum shrinking of glass and quartz tubing via its partner company, Wilmad LabGlass.
According to Jim Veler, President and CEO for Abrisa Technologies, “This new partnership will allow us to services our current customer base as well as new potential customers with tubing of various diameters up to 6 inches can be shrunk to I.D. tolerances of up to ±0.0002 inch on precision stainless steel and molybdenum mandrels. Capabilities will include both vertical and horizontal shrinking for precise product control over virtually any size tube in lengths up to 144″ can be manufactured. Our team’s skilled fabricators can process a wide assortment of raw materials in a variety of combinations to produce high precision components.
Abrisa Technologies custom OEM glassware fabrication and machining include:
•    precision bore shrinking;
•    glass & quartz components;
•    glass lathe fabrication;
•    precision grinding & polishing;
•    precision cutting & special end finishing;
•    precision glass envelopes & bulbs;
•    custom glass & quartz fabrication;
•    glass to metal seal;
•    square & rectangular tubing;
•    quartz torches & furnace tubes;
•    optical windows;
•    redraw tubing & rods;
•    production design from prototype to kanban;
•    special coatings;
•    chemical strengthening.
Concentric grinding, where both the O.D. and wall thickness are precisely controlled, and centerless grinding, where the O.D. is controlled, can be performed to the same precision tolerances as I.D. work. Finishing can include polishing to highly precise optical tolerances as well as bevelling, chamfering, ultrasonic drilling and wet saw cutting.
Additional capabilities include precision formed shapes for applications utilizing non-cylindrical glass components, high precision OD polishing for visible and UV applications, and diamond band saw cutting and end finishing ensuring and maintaining rigorous length and perpendicularity tolerances.
Abrisa Technologies is headquartered in Santa Paula, California and is comprised of three divisions that provide precision optical products and services. The divisions include; Abrisa Industrial Glass, Inc., Sycamore Glass Components, and ZC&R Coatings for Optics. As a market leader in optical coatings and high quality precision glass fabrication, Abrisa Technologies is dedicated to providing premier customer service and cost-effective products that fit each customer’s exacting requirements.

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