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A.W.T. World Trade boosts productivity with complete glass screen printing systems

The most recent developments from A.W.T. World Trade enable to fully automate throughput and minimize operator intervention for applications in the glass printing market.

A.W.T. World Trade Inc.’s engineers have developed technological advancements and techniques that fully automate throughput and minimize operator intervention for applications in the glass printing market.
“Few companies match the total technology capabilities we offer glass printers in end-to-end solutions,” said Michael Green, president of A.W.T. World Trade. “We have been supplying our customers with complete glass-printing systems for more than 20 years – combining printers, dryers, and transport systems that deliver high-quality printing on architectural and automotive glass, appliance components, decorative mirrors, and other rigid substrates in any size or shape.”
A.W.T.’s Accu-Print High-Tech flatbed rigid-panel printers are equipped with a special belt delivery system for safe, scratch-free transport of glass panels. Models include the four-post ‘high-lift’ HL/RP™ for printing on extra-thick panels and the two-post long-stroke V-LS/RP™. A.W.T. also offers the three-post V-LS/OS™ for panels up to 20 feet (6 meters) long and 7 feet (2.1 meters) wide, with larger sizes available through custom order.
“We pride ourselves on offering the largest-format screen printers available in the industry, providing printers the flexibility to handle the widest range of substrates,” Green said. “Equally important, our screen printers are loaded with standard and optional features that enable users to achieve the fastest, highest-quality and most precise output possible and all manufactured in the US!”
Standard printer features include ‘parallel peel’ for a more consistent flood stroke and ink deposit, automatic levelling of squeegee/floodbar pressure across the substrate, patented upfront stroke adjustment for easier print positioning, advanced ink recovery, and ‘Remote Diagnostics’ for instant modem- or internet-based service at any location in the world.
Super micro-registration controls deliver a repeatability of +/- .002 inch for reliable application of fine design details and even etch masks. Options such as pre-registration, pre-squaring and electric-eye monitoring provide even greater precision and minimize the need for handling the product. Transport systems can be designed to make right-angle turns to accommodate limited production space.
A.W.T. also offers glass printers a full line of post-press options, with the very latest in quartz, infrared, and hot air (electric or gas) drying systems. The latest A.W.T. dryer offering – designed with the glass industry in mind – is the Jet-Stream Q-Series, which combines a high-efficiency quartz-tube heating chamber with fully adjustable air recirculation, state-of-the-art touchscreen controls, and a pneumatic roof lift for easy maintenance of the heating system. Cooling hoods deliver high-velocity ambient air to instantly cool heat-sensitive substrates for handling and packaging and prevent distortion of stacked materials. The heating and cooling sections are modular, giving printers the flexibility to create a custom drying system that suits their particular requirements.
“Our customization services make it easy to design a complete system that meshes seamlessly with existing production lines,” Green said. “Printers and dryers can be manufactured in custom sizes, and transport systems can be easily angled to maintain a smooth, continuous workflow even when factory conditions do not allow for a linear production sequence.”
A.W.T. works with customers to design high-output systems that move glass panels quickly, efficiently – and without scratching or substrate shifting – through each stage of the decorating process: loading, pre-registration, printing, inspection, drying, cooling, and take-off.
Away from the production line, A.W.T. provides still more options for maintaining a high-quality, high-productivity glass-printing shop. A.W.T.’s pre-press equipment includes everything from screen-stretching units to exposing units, while post-press options include manual or automatic screen cleaning systems. In addition, A.W.T. offers squeegee sharpeners, ink mixers, and other ancillary equipment; a wide array of supplies; and expert help in setting up glass-decorating shops and training staff.

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