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A new line of products from Paşabahçe

Glass planters specially for orchids from Paşabahçe.

Paşabahçe, one of the three biggest glassware producers in the world, continues to offer special designs for nature enthusiasts to decorate their homes or offices. The new line of Botanica planters adds elegance to living spaces with their various designs, while the transparent structure allows sunlight to reach the roots and help plants grow healthily.

With simple and elegant designs specially designed for orchids, the new line of Botanica planters brings high life energy to spaces with its simple-lean, natural stone appearance, and elegant stripes. While Botanica planters boast a stylish appearance, the transparent structure helps plants grow healthily in contact with the sun’s nurturing rays.

With the new line of Botanica planters, it’s possible grow orchids on balconies or in living rooms, and by creating a peaceful atmosphere in living spaces  will change the mood of any home or office.

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