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Glasstech Asia & PERAFI’s first webinar attracts over 150 attendees

Glasstech Asia is pleased to collaborate with PERAFI (Indonesian Façade Association) to introduce a new series of webinars

Glasstech Asia aims to be the leading community that facilitates communication, learning and networking among industry professionals to increase business collaborations and address the latest developments in the industry, while catering to industry professionals from different sectors.

As part of this effort, Glasstech Asia is pleased to collaborate with PERAFI (Indonesian Façade Association) to introduce a new series of webinars, Glasstech Asia x PERAFI, that focuses on façades and their related building materials. Bringing together international industry experts, the webinars seek to improve the excellence of the building façade industry through active discussions on key topics and content sharing from different industry players, from property developers to architects. The webinars also aim to address the latest developments in the industry, allowing participants to gain valuable insights and meet a strong network of connections within the BAU network.

Fibra Reelianto, PERAFI Chairman, commented, “We are honoured to have had the opportunity to gather the different stakeholders of façade industry, especially in Indonesia. We would like to actively play our part in creating a friendly and receptive community who support one another, especially during this current situation, building bonds of trust that bridge the differences, and cultivate our façade industry toward better future.”

The first webinar of the series focused on High-Performance Façades: Design Strategies and Applications, where it highlighted the different key factors that each industry stakeholder prioritizes in a building façade and covers the entire journey of creating and testing a building façade to the construction of a building.

Key highlights
The line-up of topics was specially curated to support the façade industry in navigating the current challenges posed by many on delivering and using high performance facades. The webinar saw interesting and valuable insights shared by the five esteemed speakers from various sectors of the façade industry.

The webinar kickstarted with Paul Onslow, Senior Construction Manager of Hongkong Land, who shared about the process of ‘Delivering a High-Performance Façade as a Property Developer’. The session was supported by many case studies and went through a detailed presentation of the development process for the World Trade Centre II, giving the participants much to learn from.

The session was then complemented by Simon Chin, Managing Director of Winwall Technology Private Limited, as he reviewed the different types of performance tests on facades, the specifications, and requirements for it, while providing examples.

Additionally, participants had the opportunity to understand and learn from an architect’s perspective through numerous case studies on various building developments and the evolution of façade design responding to varying design considerations, constraints, and opportunities. Kevin Jose, Global Board Director of Aedas, also shared examples on how the design approach can differ for geometrically challenged forms and how architecture design was successfully done remotely through the Covid-19 pandemic.

A deeper understanding on the testing of façade and laboratories was later reached through a presentation by Joenel Tajonera, Technical Manager at Kaskal Façade Testing Center. During his session, he covered the requirements to evaluate the competence of testing and calibration laboratories, exploratory testing, and case studies showcasing the difference between PMU vs VMU. This spurred interaction amongst attendees by creating a discussion on the criteria for façade and types of façade tests against lightning strikes.

Lastly, with his extensive experience in the façade industry, Sreenivas Narayanan, General Manager of Siderise Middle East, focused mainly on protection and prevention of façade fires. Through his presentation, attendees gained valuable insights on the difference to fire resistance and fire protection, stone wool properties, standard requirements, and the importance of cycling.

Summing up the webinar, the discussion round saw high levels of activity from the participants, where a series of thought-provoking questions were asked.

Besides these live sessions, Glasstech Asia x PERAFI webinars also features on-demand components that are only accessible to delegates that have an account on the Glasstech Asia Virtual platform.

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