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2022 IYOG: The inaugural event at the UN office in Geneva

Dino Zandonella Necca, who sits on the Surfaces Group board and serves as CEO of ADI, President of RBM and International Chips, and President of Vitrum, will give one of the opening speeches

The United Nations General Assembly has designated 2022 as the International Year of Glass to highlight the fundamental historical, technological, scientific and artistic role of glass in human evolution and its potential contribution to sustainable development. On Thursday 10 and Friday 11 February, the IYOG opening ceremony will be held at the United Nations Office in Geneva.

Surfaces Group is proud to note the participation of Dino Zandonella Necca, who was chosen to speak at the event with a personal contribution.

President and CEO of ADI and President of RBM Italia and International Chips, all companies in the Surfaces Group, he has also held the top position in Vitrum for almost seven years. Vitrum brings together Italian manufacturers of machinery, special products, equipment and systems for flat and hollow glass and processed products for industrial use.

As head of Vitrum, Zandonella Necca was certainly the staunchest supporter of the Community of Glass Associations, always stressing the need for a dialogue between the various players and unified action to promote the entire glass industry throughout the world.

This is a commitment of strategic importance that involves the entire ‘Italian system’, as Dino Zandonella Necca said in an interview on the eve of the inaugural UN event. “It’s incredible for me to be able to participate in such a prestigious ceremony and I’m sure there will be a lot of emotion about my speech – I’m realising this as the time comes closer. But I am very proud because we at Vitrum, more than any other organisation, through the Community of Glass Associations, launched and promoted this idea.”

“I would like to stress,” he added, “that the prestigious result of the IYOG International Year of Glass is also due to these meetings we held. They were the result of an idea that we – and indeed myself in particular – had: following the 2009 crisis, we realised that we had to work as a team, opening up to different perspectives and neighbouring structures.

“It is fundamental to work together in order to overcome the challenges of limited financial and human resources, especially for local associations in the various countries, which face similar problems, are often poorly structured and have to deal with complex procedures and regulations. Meeting in Murano with many glass associations, which then approached institutions in their countries, helped to raise awareness of the IYOG within the higher echelons of the UN.

“I believe that the International Year of Glass, is an exceptional result. Glass is a fantastic material: it has one of the highest recycling rates, which reduces its environmental impact, and the new types of coatings that insulate glass used in architecture also offer efficient results for building insulation.

“Glass also has incredible mechanical properties thanks to new technologies. It is also important for the automotive and digital sectors, not to mention the importance of hollow glass for the pharmaceutical and food industries.

“I am confident that IYOG is an excellent opportunity to spread knowledge in schools as well as for business, since it is an important material for our future. I think the cultural aspect is crucial. We as a community need to encourage people to opt for glass. We must increase everyone’s awareness.”

To promote the ‘culture of glass’, Dino is inviting everyone to the next GLASS WEEK in Milan.

“GLASS WEEK will be held in Milan in mid-September with the collaboration of MISE and ICE Agenzia, coinciding with another industry event, Glass Week in Venice, which showcases artisan production, thereby creating an ideal bridge between these two glass production centres. Combining Venice with Milan may prove to be a winning strategy. In addition to production, it will also encompass social and cultural aspects. It is an opportunity for the whole Italian economy, also involving the hospitality industry.”

You can read the full version of the interview with Dino Zandonella Necca at Surfaces Group.

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