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Zippe: how best to combine profitability and environmental awareness

Life hacks are usually used to make things easier in the home but Zippe presents “Glass Hacks” on a much larger scale, even extending innovations to the planet as a whole

Glass manufacturing always creates waste. Glass cullet, however, is a valuable secondary raw material in the production process and Zippe’s scraping conveyors ensure that none of this raw material is wasted while also saving energy.

To recycle hot liquid waste glass (in gobs or glass strings), Zippe’s scraping conveyors return the produced waste glass to the melting process again, in the most efficient and ecologically friendly manner possible.

With Zippe technology, hot waste glass can be collected, crushed, cooled and transported 24 hours a day with practically no personnel input. Using high quality materials, Zippe’s scraping conveyors (which are safe and robust for the rough operation of hot glass factory cullet recycling) are individually designed to the client’s requirements and conditions and manufactured accordingly. Zippe’s scraping conveyors are easy to install and maintain.

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