XPAR Vision and Bucher Emhart Glass extend agreement

XPAR Vision and Bucher Emhart Glass have extended the cooperation agreement made in June 2014, under which Bucher Emhart Glass launched its new BlankRadar (based on two of XPAR Vision’s products, the Gob Assist (GA) and the Blank Temperature Control (BTC)).

Bucher Emhart Glass will sell the XPAR IR-D system under the Bucher Emhart Glass brand “FlexRadar”. It will replace the actual FlexRadar system which was developed by Bucher Emhart Glass.
As with the BlankRadar, Bucher Emhart Glass will provide full support for the FlexRadar system, including sales & marketing, documentation, installation and maintenance, training and system integration. XPAR Vision will continue to sell, market and support their own IR-D system independently. XPAR will also continue to implement future enhancements and developments to the system based on customers’ and Bucher Emhart Glass requests.
The new FlexRadar will be available through Bucher Emhart Glass from Q2 2017.
The extended cooperation takes the business relationship between XPAR and Bucher Emhart Glass to the next level and will allow both companies to focus on their core competencies and achieving the strategic goals. For Bucher Emhart Glass it is to realize the End-to-End vision for container glass production by automating the process from gob forming to the inspection of glass containers. For XPAR it is to develop hot end sensors, data integration and robotics for the purpose of efficiency improvement, weight reduction and automation.