Wiegand-Glas: recycling of old glass to new glass

Wiegand-Glas is able to produce up to 98 percent cullet

Wiegand-Glas recognized early on the challenge in recycling and invested in its own waste glass processing plants. At the location in Steinbach am Wald, Wiegand-Glas processes annually more than 600,000 tonnes of collected waste glass into reusable material.

With this systems, one of the most modern of its kind, the company gets an optimized sorting result and thus reduces the amount of unusable waste. By avoiding melting losses when using waste glass in glass production, can be saved more than 725,000 tonnes of primary raw materials such as sand, lime and soda.

In the production of green glass, Wiegand-Glas is able to produce up to 98 percent cullet. In this way raw materials and the environment are protected. In addition, waste glass melts at a significantly lower temperature than the mixture of primary raw materials, which further reduces the CO2 footprint.

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