Why to choose LIJIANG Glass’ Inspection and Film Sorting System

In the glass production process, after glass tempering and before insulating processing, the glass specifications are often measured and classified to prepare for the next process. In existing glass production, a glass loading machine is usually used to place the glass on the workbench, and the glass is manually placed on the workbench.

The length of the glass is measured and detected, then a glass unloading machine is used to unload the glass and the glass is manually classified and stored according to different specifications. If you process insulating glass, you need to sort out and cache the glass varieties and meet the matching needs of insulating glass. However, some deep processing manufacturers still rely on manual patching in existing glass production, which has high labour intensity and increases the error rate of patching.

LIJIANG Glassfully automatic glass inspection and film sorting system and its working method, including an automatic loading stage and an automatic unloading stage for automatically loading and unloading glass respectively and an automatic loading stage with an automatic unloading stage set sequentially according to the process. Among them, there are horizontal and vertical measuring and turning tables, film organizers, and vertical and horizontal turning tables.

The automatic film loading table is used to load glass onto the horizontal and vertical measuring and turning table; the horizontal and vertical measuring and turning table is used to rotate the glass from flat to vertical, and measure the length and width of the glass before sending it to the chip sorter; The glass that needs to be output from the slicer is transported to the vertical and horizontal turning table; the vertical and horizontal turning table rotates the glass on it from vertical to flat, and then unloads the glass through the automatic unloading table.

This equipment has complete functions and a high degree of automation, which improves work efficiency and greatly reduces labour; the glass length and width measurement is efficient and accurate, the slice matching accuracy is high, and the glass transportation process has good connectivity and is not prone to scratches.

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