What Mir Stekla means for Mappi International

Mappi International’s presence at Mir Stekla – taking place 8-15 June – is a ‘not to miss’ appointment that gives the company the chance to present its products and technologies to the international market.

Mir Stekla, the XVII International Glass Fair, will take place once again, from 8 to 15 June 2015, and is a unique chance to know about products and systems of glass production, manufacturing and processing.
Hundreds of companies participate from dozens of countries all over the world. More than 8,000 square meters are dedicated to the most advanced technological solutions in the field of glass manufacturing and processing.
We interviewed Nancy Mammaro, president of Mappi International, who gave us a wider view on the market at this precise moment, and tell us about the importance of Mir Stekla for Italian companies.

N.M.: Mir Stekla is a ‘not to miss’ appointment for Mappi International. In the schedule of exhibitions and events dedicated to our segment, it is a key event that gives us the chance to present our products and technologies. Russian companies need reliable partners who are able to support them in the production and realization of products that can meet the market needs. Mappi International is an ambassador of Made In Italy worldwide, a concept that means maximum reliability.
We want to promote not only our machinery, but also all our experience, which has made us leaders in the international market.
Mappi’s presence at Glasspex India underlined the potentials and difficulties of the Indian market.

Can we find the same aspects in the Russian one, or are we facing a completely different situation?
N.M.: The Russian market, just like the Indian one, is expanding strongly. Particularly Russia, penalized by laws that restricted export during the last years, seems to be – to inexpert eyes – a weak market. Actually – and data related to the amount of companies invading the market every year can confirm it – is a yet to be discovered virgin land, which needs to know that solutions do exist and can only be found within reliable companies like Mappi International.
In my humble opinion, it has hidden potentials that must be further explored. We must have the courage to use all our knowledge and technologies in order to show that great performances can only be reached using high quality machinery.

Glass, with its notable properties and features, is one of the most promising structural materials of the new millennium. What are the features and the uses that will turn it into the material of the future? And then, in which segments will glass be successfully used?
N.M.: Construction is a segment in high, very high expansion, and glass is the material that will be able to satisfy the demand of this very segment; by the way, it is already used to replace all the materials that were used in the past. Resistant, adjustable and ready to meet the aesthetic needs that are currently driving the construction market: these are the features of glass, these are the features of the material of the future. Not to forget security, which goes hand in hand. There is an increase in the related demand, as well.

As new applications of glass approach, the demand is going to increase very quickly. Is Mappi ready to face the needs of the new market?
N.M.: Mappi International is ready to face the challenge. Our work is really done when we manage to satisfy our clients. And if that means accepting new challenges, let me tell you one thing: we’re ready. We are ready to adapt ourselves to the new market trends… but I’ll tell you something more: we’re about to ride the market and propose our ideas.

Clients are always looking for new solutions that go hand in hand with technological innovation. What about Mappi?
N.M.: Currently, there’s only one market demand: machinery that can temper increasingly bigger glass sheets and adapt to the requests of construction market. Mappi International is already  starting the production of new machinery that will soon be ready to meet this demand as well.

Talking about challenges: Mappi has recently relaunched its own communication. New corporate advertising and new social presence. What does Mappi want to communicate about itself?
N.M.: The new communication campaign of Mappi International aims to make our clients – but also everyone who wants to know more about glass tempering – aware not only of our company’s history, but also of our work, our idea of client support and, most of all, our products. A new site (soon online) and new already opened social channels will give us the chance to communicate our vision of high quality products and – why not? – bring our clients to international events that see us as main actors. Mappi is on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin to inform about our days at Mir Stekla, and much more.

Mir Stekla takes place in a key moment for the future of the international economy, thus it seems legitimate to concentrate on the real market projections, considered the government sanctions determined by the Russian government.
Despite what you may think, those sanctions have not affected exports at all: not only is iincreasing, but it also sees – from year to year – the birth of new companies in the field.
At the moment, there are more than 3,000 of them, most of which are middle/big sized businesses, in high expansion. Realities that need as much assistance and technological support as possible.
Such support can only come from companies in the segment that have been on the international market for years, and that can share all their know-how. Ideas, technology and support: those are the key ingredients to ensure success to Italian companies in Russia.
The relationship between these two countries is one that has never stopped being profitable. Despite the restrictions, in fact, there has been not only an increase in Italian export to Russia, but also positive data even for this starting 2015 have also been registered.
As official data show, Russian economy has started getting back on track. The latest periods of deep crisis are far away: years in which a new recovery seemed an impossible miracle; but then – in 2011 – the great leap forward that made us hope for a different course took place, and the World Bank was led to make great projections for the years to come.
The registered data regarding the construction field have positively affected Russian economy. In Russia there is a need of innovative materials that can meet the most demanding requirements regarding constructions.
Glass, with its own features, is the structural material of the next millennium. The latest technologies can widen these potentials and meet the needs of a high expanding market.
Demand has increased, just like the necessity for the glass to meet the new standards of security, endurance and quality. The answer lies right within Italian companies.
And it’s not by chance that the relationship between Italy and Russia is great, a trend that has been mostly consolidated in the recent years. To Russians, Made In Italy is not only fashion & food, but also – and mostly – appreciation for Italian machinery and technology.
In the segment of machinery for glass tempering, results were not slow in coming; the evidence comes from Mappi International, leading manufacturer of furnaces for glass tempering, one of the companies driving the Mir Stekla with excellent results.

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