VPInstruments: more robust VPFlowScope 3-in-1 flow meters

All the VPFlowScope products are now protected with the new integrated overvoltage protection

VPInstruments is pleased to announce that the VPFlowScope electronics platform has been upgraded providing more robust protection against static discharges and short-circuiting.

A new, ultra-robust Modbus transceiver circuit, which can hold up to ±60 Volts on A and B lines has been implemented, it can also allow a larger common mode range of ±24 Volts, which makes biasing of a RS485 network less critical. This transceiver was already in use in the VPFlowScope M and has now been integrated into the complete VPFlowScope product line, including the VPFlowScope Probe, DP and In-line.


  • Protection from over-voltage line faults up to ±60 Volts
  • ±15kV ESD interface pins
  • Extended common mode range: ±24 Volts
  • Guaranteed failsafe receiver operation

In many industrial devices, for example, compressor controllers and sensors, RS485 transceivers are easily blown by static discharges, especially when connecting wires for the first time without any protection. Therefore static protection is very important.

In VPInstruments experience one of the most common wiring errors is to reverse data and power lines. Connecting the 24 Volts power supply across the data lines of any traditional RS485 port will result in the transceiver chip going up in smoke, which means the end of a VPFlowScope.

All the VPFlowScope products are now protected with the new integrated over-voltage protection. The new transceiver will protect a VPFlowScope against incorrect connection to the 24 Volts power commonly found in building automation installations, and the data lines will withstand connection to 24 Volts power indefinitely. The protection is rated for a maximum of ±60 volts.

VPInstruments continuously strive to improve the quality of their products, to make them more reliable, and easier to use over time. That’s also a way to provide easy insight into energy flows.

For more information, contact directly VPInstruments:
Joyce van Eijk – joyce.van.eijk@vpinstruments.com
Tel. +31 (0)15 213 1580

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