VP Academy now features all VPFlowScope flow meters & VPVision

VPInstruments, manufacturer of leading flow metering equipment for easy insight into energy flows, provided a major update for the VP Academy, VPInstruments online e-learning platform. The update features the addition of the VPFlowScope DP, VPFlowScope Probe and the VPFlowScope In-line product range.

The VP Academy enables you to learn at your own time and pace. Both fundamental steps and in-depth knowledge of the VPInstruments’ products are provided on the platform. This online learning environment is especially designed to make instructions and information as easy and as effortless as possible. Therefore, information and instructions are provided in text, visuals and videos.

With this extension, the VP Academy features now all VPFlowScope flow meters and our VPVision energy monitoring solution.

VPFlowScope® flow meter family
The VPFlowScope® product family measures compressed air or other industrial gases, like nitrogen, oxygen, helium and more. The VPFlowScope flow meters provide insight from supply to demand side, in saturated and dry air, and can be used for mobile or permanent measurements. The VPFlowScopes all incorporate the 4-in-1 measurement principle: (bi-directional) flow, pressure, temperature, and total flow.

  • VPFlowScope DP
    The patented VPFlowScope® DP enables you to take measurements in the discharge pipe of a compressor under 100% saturated conditions. Combine the VPFlowScope DP with a power meter and measure compressor efficiency.
  • VPFlowScope In-line
    The VPFlowScope ® In-line is the ideal flowmeter for point of use consumption measurement. It is perfect for smaller diameters where it produces all the data you need to optimize your compressed air consumption.
  • VPFlowScope Probe
    The VPFlowScope® Probe is the measurement tool for dry compressed air and other technical gases like nitrogen, carbon dioxide and argon. The VPFlowScope Probe measures thermal mass flow, pressure, temperature, and total flow simultaneously.
  • VPFlowScope M
    The VPFlowScope® M is the next step in gas measurement. Unlike traditional flow meters, the VPFlowScope M consists of a Transmitter and the patented VPSensorCartridge® which reduces recalibration to a simple exchange.

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