Vivix announces construction of second plant in Brazil

The new plant is expected to be fully operational in the second half of 2025. The furnace will have a production capacity of 1,000 tonnes per day – this will make it the largest in operation in Brazil

website maker Vivix Vidros Planos has announced the construction of a second production plant, with an investment of BRZ 1.3 billion. The new plant will be built in the municipality of Goiana, Pernambuco (PE), Brazil next to the current plant.

In this way, the company will expand its capacity to 1,900 tonnes per day and will become the second largest float manufacturer in the domestic market.

The plant will use the “mine to line” method, the same as the current factory: the raw materials will come from its own mines – Vivix’s raw material processing plant in the municipality of Pedras de Fogo, in Paraíba.

Around 4,000 jobs are estimated to be created during the works. Together, the two plants are expected to generate around 600 direct jobs and 2,400 indirect jobs.

“We believe in a prosperous future and that the flat glass market will be expanding in the coming years,” said Henrique Lisboa, president of the plant. “In fact, this year 2022 is being less heated than we all expected, but we need to focus on the medium and long term, aiming to balance supply and demand. The investment in the new plant was projected for 18 years and we believe that by the end of 2025 a new oven will be needed in our country. We understand that there will always be ups and downs in the segment, but we are ready to face these movements, providing the necessary support for the production chain.”

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