Vitro launches LUMAX® reflective vision glass for Latin America

A product designed to bring affordable, energy-efficient glazings to developing market segments

Vitro Architectural Glass announced the launch of LUMAX® 51 and LUMAX® 68 glasses, two neutral-reflective glasses specially formulated for commercial buildings in many of the warm/hot climate zones in Latin America that still lack, to significant degree, the design, enforcement and implementation of energy-related building codes.

Designed with a neutral, light-grey aesthetic, both products were created for use in areas where coated low-emissivity (low-e) and multi-pane insulating glass units (IGUs) have low market penetration or have not been widely adopted. Each is formulated with a basic magnetron sputtered vacuum deposition (MSVD) coating, which is applied to the interior side (second surface) of a monolithic glass panel.

Compared to conventional clear glass, LUMAX® 51 and 68 glasses can limit solar heat gain by up to 33 percent compared to uncoated clear glass yet transmit nearly six times as much daylight as uncoated reflective glasses. Dark, uncoated reflective glasses are commonly used to block heat energy from entering commercial buildings the hot, sunny climates of Latin America, but they also can limit the health benefits and energy cost savings associated with natural daylighting.

“The current trend for homes and buildings is to maximize clarity, views and light transmittance while reducing the effects of the sun’s heat,” said Fernando Diez, general market manager, Vitro Architectural Glass. “Our new LUMAX® glasses provide an affordable way to accommodate these trends while also reducing demand for air conditioning and artificial lighting.”

While LUMAX® glasses perform well as single, monolithic panes of glass, Vitro Glass recommends pairing either glass with clear glass in double-pane IGUs to maximize solar performance, reduce noise and increase durability.

LUMAX® glasses can be laminated, tempered or heat-strengthened to meet strength or safety glazing requirements. They are available coated on clear glass substrates in 6-millimeter (mm) thicknesses. Sheet sizes are 1.80 x 2.50 and 2.50 x 3.60 meters.

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