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Vitro innovates on automotive glass manufacturing

Vitro Automotive’s Crinamex plant has installed an innovative entire surface pressing system, enabling it to manufacture new windshields with up to 30mm curvatures.

Crinamex, the Vitro Automotive (VAU) plant located in Xalostoc, State of Mexico, has started to manufacture new windshields with up to 30mm curvatures using an innovative entire surface pressing system.
This equipment allows for the production of automotive glass with very sharp curves, a feature increasingly requested by the market. New trends in designing seek to improve the aerodynamics in vehicles beyond just their aesthetic properties, in order to increase fuel efficiency and improve environmental performance in automobiles.
In addition, this equipment helps to strengthen Vitro’s market share in the supply of automotive glass with excellent optical features, precise quality controls in its formation and a very high degree of reliability.
“As with all innovations, we had to go through a learning curve which generated good results and motivated us to continue with the challenge. We identified key control points and the potential benefit of this technology. The current degree of control and dominance of the process is very high backed by the quality of the product and the level of skill shown by the press operators, who are extremely proud to be the first to apply this technology within Vitro,” said Alberto Hernández Delsol, Laminated Products Technology Manager at VAU.
The project received recognition and support from the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT) of Mexico, which provides resources to facilitate industrial innovation in the country; therefore, Vitro also contributes to the consolidation of economic activity at a national level.
This project further demonstrates Vitro’s commitment towards its customers, as it represents significant improvements in the company’s ability to respond to customer needs.

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