Vismara OMV to exhibit at Colombia Glass

The company has been active in the sector dedicated to machines for flat glass processing for almost 35 years

Specialized in drilling and milling, Vismara OMV produces a wide range of single-and multiple-head machines – both horizontal and vertical, used to process flat glass for diverse sectors such as furniture, construction, as well as for machines used for movement of earth.

The company owes its success in particular to its ‘tailor-made’ way of working, which enables it to respond to the demands from each and every client, leading to the study and construction of true ‘customized’ machines. A further strong-point of the company’s machines is their technological flexibility and ease of use, both with regards to mechanical parts as well as to software.

The direct and constructive relationship with clients to discover the particular needs, improve products and post-sales services, is well-supported by two dedicated areas: “OMV Service”, which is involved in the installation and start-up of machines a plants, with relative training for technicians, as well as for reconditioning, up-grades and maintenance, and remote diagnostics; “OMV Parts”, which provides clients with original Vismara OMV spare parts with subsequent shipment, via courier, worldwide.

Thanks to collaboration and partnerships with other companies of the sector, Vismara OMV is in a position to provide additional machines in addition to drilling and milling, a wide range of tools and accessories that allow for the loading, unloading and transport to and from automatic lines (both horizontal and vertical), also using barcodes barcodes,

and therefore offering clients the possibility of integration with a single contact.

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