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When we talk about architecture, we are mostly talking about the design of buildings. Even if this definition is correct, it falls short. Architecture creates space and, in an aesthetic sense, emotion. Depending on the purpose, this space can take on a wide variety of shapes and colours – it can even be transparent.

ESD Systeemwanden from the Netherlands is fully specialised in the construction and installation of glass system walls. With 16 years of experience and continuous innovation, they create special designs and spectacular room atmospheres. Floor-to-ceiling, refined glass surfaces create rooms within rooms without losing daylight.


Such spatial concepts can be created through the refinement of flat glass and intelligent interior design.


During the pandemic, business boomed. However, as the number of orders increased, the number of defective glass panes at the end customers increased. At that time, replacing individual panes was not a big problem because the employees were in their home offices and there was no disruption. Now the situation is different. During the ongoing operation of an office, hotel or conference centre, faults are difficult to rectify.


ESD Systeemwanden therefore started a quality offensive to avoid complaints in the future. In collaboration with GS Technics BV and Ralph Smeets, Viprotron has committed itself to this quality control. For a year now, our Viprotron ECO scanner has been successfully inspecting the panes in question. Glass defects are detected and eliminated already within the production process.

The ECO scanner checks every single pane for possible defects.

Viprotron is currently checking which further scanner measures could be useful at the end of the production process to check the final product again.

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