Vidromecanica to look for new business opportunities at Iran Glass 2017

The company will present its European technology combined with low energy consumption.

Vidromecanica manufactures thermal equipment (for annealing, decorating and tempering) and equipment for coating treatment (hot-end coating and cold-end coating) for the glass industry.
The company’s technology results come from its main technicians’ experience of more than 30 years. Development, design, and manufacture of machinery and development of the control system for the glass production lines is handled by specialists.
Vidromecanica’s main equipment are:
– Annealing and decorating lehrs
– Belt tempering lines for tableware
– Spindles toughening lines for stemware
– Chemical tempering machines
– Special glass thermal treatment ovens
– Moulds pre-heating kilns
– Stackers
– Hot-end coating hoods
– Cold-end coating spraying systems
– Scraper conveyors
– Cullet crushers
– Cullet processing plants
With equipment supplied to more than 60 countries and more than 120 plants, Vidromecanica constantly provides, in close cooperation with customers, tailor-made high performance machines and solutions capable of operating on today’s modern high speed glass production lines.